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Spring into Summer with a

14-Day Body Reset*

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If your 2018 goals have taken a back seat to life's crazy fast pace, then this is your chance to prioritize YOU. Spring into summer with a 14-day Body Reset, which includes food and lifestyle changes that will make a difference to your energy and overall wellbeing. Here are some FAQs about the Reset:

What are you resetting, exactly?

The 14-Day Body Reset is primarily a nutrition-based effort. Because certain foods can be inflammatory, exploring your body’s reactions to different foods can have a huge impact on how you feel. I’ll help identify foods to eat and foods to avoid, and I’ll even provide a sample meal plan and recipes to get you through the elimination phase of the program. In the final phase, I’ll recommend a process for reintroduction of individual foods so you can track your body’s reactions.

Why not a cleanse?

I struggle with the term “cleanse” because the kidneys and liver are the body’s own detox system, and they filter out the vast majority of toxins that we eat and drink. Moreover, some cleanses can be very restrictive and low in calories and protein, or high in sugar. Oftentimes, the weight loss from these cleanses is water weight, which can be regained almost overnight, and with reduced protein intake, you could lose muscle mass instead of fat!

Is the reset a diet? Will I lose weight?

The 14-day Body Reset isn’t a diet in the sense that you’re counting calories or limiting your portions. This is not a fasting reset so you should not feel hungry. Most participants will shed some excess weight when they avoid processed sugar, gluten, dairy and other food irritants.

What about exercise?

Regular exercise is recommended during the 14-day Body Reset. Because of my background as a fitness professional, I'll include some fitness tips and exercises that I think will work well with your reset. I recommend that you pay attention to your body’s signals to rest or conserve energy and choose light or vigorous activities accordingly.

How do I sign up?

You're in luck - I'm offering the 14-day Body Reset as my "Spring into Summer" promotion. For just $297 + tax you get the 14-day Reset eBook/Guide, Recipes and Meal Plans, and 4 Group Coaching sessions. Don't wait - you can get started today!

By Cheryl Devine, “Health is Wealth”

* This is a repost/update of a previous blog. Thanks for reading! - CD