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Get the Most out of Your Next Doctor Visit

I'm lucky enough to live in Canada and we have a pretty good healthcare system—but it's not perfect. Doctors are overburdened with patients and are often forced to be treat patients reactively instead of proactively, due the design of the system.

A common theme that I see in medical settings is what I call "painting the patients with the same brush", by which I mean treating patients who have the same sign and symptoms with the same remedies.

But in healthcare, one size does not necessarily fit all! Results may vary, and you may end up with a persistent health issue that isn't getting any better.

I've heard from clients, friends, and family that when they go to the doctor with a health issue they often come away with nothing really concrete. They leave the appointment asking themselves, "Why am I still feeling this way, why are none of the medications or treatments making me feel good/ energized and like myself." So what is the path forward to better results?

We need to ask questions

Diet and lifestyle factors play a major role in the illnesses we see today. But in Western medicine, the doctor treats the signs and symptomsmost often with pharmaceutical treatmentsand the root cause of the problem continues rumbling beneath the surface. Maybe the drugs work for a while, but in the long run, you need to find out the story behind the symptoms. An analogy (because I love a good analogy!) is that you can put a lid on a boiling pot of water [just addressing the symptoms] or you can turn off the stove [finding the root cause of the problem].

Advocate for yourself

In today's medical system, patients need to advocate for their own health. Keep a health journal, so when you go to doctor you can discuss what has been going on, and use the journal to document your doctor's suggestions. You could also bring someone with you to your appointments, or prepare for the appointment together; having a support system with you can help you be assertive and ask the right questions.

As a holistic health and life coach, I've worked with many of my clients to help them access having better energy, feeling better, overall better health with Diet and Lifestyle. If you're struggling with your health and need help, please reach out to me

By Cheryl Devine,"Life is a Story Make Yours A Bestseller"