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Get Hydrated to Boost Your Energy

Try this easy trick to get on track with your daily water intake

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Who hasn't heard the old "drink 8 glasses of water a day" advice? I like this advice because it's free, and everyone can do it. What's more, it's has real health benefits. But I often hear from my clients that they don't like drinking water, or they can't seem to drink enough. That's why I use this little tip that I like to call:

Toss it back!

  • Before you go to bed, set a full 20-ounce (600 ml) glass of water next to your bathroom sink
  • After you wake up, brush you teeth and relieve yourself, TOSS BACK that whole glass!

Energy Boost

One of the most unexpected benefits of getting hydrated is a boost in energy. Water hydrates your entire system, which is vital for your cell, tissue and organ regeneration. By keeping your blood at the right consistency, it helps deliver oxygen to your muscles, which immediately boosts your body’s energy.

Healthy Digestion

Drinking enough water also helps keep the enzymes and bacteria in your digestive tract running smoothly and this helps get your bowels moving. Getting into the habit of eliminating waste first thing in the morning will prevent it from being absorbed into your system throughout the day and give you an instant energy boost.

I hope you'll try out my "Toss it back!" tip to jumpstart your energy and reset your system first thing in the morning. My next blog will focus on another energy boosting strategy: getting out in nature! I'm practicing this one a lot these days...

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By Cheryl Devine, "Health is Wealth"