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Boost Your Energy with 10 Minutes Outside

A little Vitamin N (Nature) can make a big difference

· wellness

Ever feel that mid-day energy slump? Maybe you’ve had a busy morning, stopped for lunch, and now just want to lie down under your desk instead of tackling the next ten things on your to-do list?
Many of us spend our entire day inside an office with air conditioning or heaters that drain our energy and sap our life force. Staring at computer screens, tablet screens, and phone screens doesn’t exactly charge your batteries. Here’s what I recommend:

Get Fresh!

Leave your phone in the office, leave your To-Do list at home and walk out the door with the intention to clear your mind and absorb clean green energy. Walk around the block and find a park to walk through or a street lined with trees. I’m talking fresh air – take a breath! Be wholeheartedly IN the natural elements, stress free for ten minutes!
If leaving the office is out of the question, find an open window, sit by it and breathe in the outside air (even city air is better than fake stuffy office air). Or find a live plant potted in real soil and sit by it and breathe it in for ten minutes, in silence.
Your colleagues may think you’ve really lost it this time 'round and may start planning an intervention, but you will be doing yourself and everyone you work with a huge favor by recharging your energy and giving your mood a boost!

Hope you're feeling an energy boost already. My next blog will look at another strategy for pumping up your energy levels.

By Cheryl Devine, "Health is Wealth"